Artist Proof Studio (APS) is an innovative and engaged community printmaking centre of excellence. The organisation focuses on all aspects of professional printmaking: creation, sales, training, and community engagement. The studio is divided into four business units, which encompass its professional printmaking operations:

  • Professional Print Studio
  • Gallery
  • Education
  • Special Projects

Through its many activities, APS facilitates the transformation of passion into possibility, as well as the active commitment of talented individuals to shape a better future for themselves.

During the last 23 years, APS has grown from a small, rudimentarily equipped printmaking studio to one of the largest and most vibrant community and professional printmaking facilities in Southern Africa, accommodating up to 80 students per year and also hosting, publishing, and providing print edition facilities and collaborative project opportunities for many artists each year.

Throughout its history, APS has evolved to a centre focused on redress to one focused on innovation and excellence.

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tel: +27 (11) 492-1278 / physical address: the bus factory, 3 president street, newtown, johannesburg / email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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