Artist Proof Studio offers a wide range of workshops for all levels, taught by our facilitators and artists affiliated with the studio. Unless otherwise noted, workshops are open for all levels. Workshop fees include materials, tea and coffee and a light snack. All workshops observe the Covid-19 protocols - maximum capacity of 10 people per workshop.


Monotype Workshops  ||   10 June | 17 June

What is the course about?
This course is an introduction to Surface Planographic printing processes. Over a period of three weeks, various techniques of monotype printing will be explored. Learning to make monotypes is a great way to introduce yourself to the art of printmaking.

What techniques will be covered in the introductory courses?

  • Subtractive monotype
  • Direct Trace monotype/ghost printing
  • Additive monotype
  • Object and Stencil monotype/Embossing/combination of 2 techniques

    What topics will be covered in the introductory courses?

    • Brief history of monotype printing
    • Getting familiar with your equipment
    • Examples of monotype prints and techniques
    • Printing the ghost
    • Preparing materials for monotype printing
    • Preparing a suitable workspace
    • Printing of 2x A3 prints per technique a total of 10 mono prints for the 4 week workshop, prints (signed appropriately)
    • Ethics of printing


    Watercolour Monotype  ||  19 June

    Meet acclaimed deaf artist and APS graduate Raymond Fuyana who works in watercolour monotype. Rene Mathibe to interpret while Raymond demonstrates techniques and methods of creating watercolour monotype and explains the inspiration for his work.





    Non-Toxic Etching  ||  16 + 23 September

    This comprehensive course is available for beginners and accomplished printmakers familiar with brass/ferric chloride and steel/nitric acid etching. This course focuses on green applications of the etching technique that can be achieved at home. Participants are invited to follow instruction live at APS studio and/or via video instruction. Kits are available for pick-up and/or delivery to your home. The last two of the course weeks are dedicated to the printing of the plates. Learn how to ink up, wipe, register and print etching plates like a professional.

    Explorative Drawing  ||  Coming Soon

    For many, the basis of a good print is a good drawing. For many of us, drawing is intimidating and scary.  This course is for those of us who think we can’t draw and for many of us who have lost confidence in our ability. The course will focus on traditional observational drawing providing participants with handy tools and hacks to facilitate seeing and translating the three-dimensional world onto a 2-d surface. The aim of each class is to have fun, explore materials and surfaces and embark on a creative journey of looking. Sign up for the complete course or just a few focus sessions.

    Copper Etching  ||  Coming Soon

    This course is open to all and will cover all the basics of intaglio run by Lucas Nkgweng and Ponsthso Sikhosana. Learn hard ground line etching, aquatint, soft ground, mezzotint and a variety of intaglio techniques to create an edition of etched images.


    June 07, 2021 — Nathi Simelane