Cognizance: The Exhibition

An Online Exhibition About Art As A Tool Of Awareness

Art can and is a tool that can drive social awareness and for years Artists have expressed themselves to address social issues that are close to their hearts. Cognizance: The Exhibition investigates the role of art and how artists use it as a tool to address social issues around them. Through the works of Raymond Fuyana, Thuli Lubisi and Pule Ratsoma we experience and learn about how art can be a vehicle for social change. 

The Artists have each engaged into social issues that affect the majority of people around the globe. Fuyana’s surrealism landscapes and interior spaces, immersed by emoji’s take us on a journey of two worlds, the hearing and deaf. Lubisi uses relief printing, curving out patterns and investigates in her work how different cultures in South Africa find ways of co-existing and social cohesion and Ratsoma’s abstract layering looks into mental illness, the effects of it and how we can learn to take care of our mental health. 

Exhibition opens  8 October