Vulnerable Artist Fund


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What is the Vulnerable Artists Fund?

The Vulnerable Artist Fund was created through The Lockdown Collection Initiative with the intent of providing financial aid to artists who have been financially impaired by the COVID-19 Pandemic through loss of income and/or ability to generate work. The fund is specifically for those facing situations where they are unable to support themselves and their families during this period in South Africa.


Who is eligible to receive funds?

The fund is open to eligible South African visual artists as well as artists from other African countries currently residing in the country.

  • Applicants must be over eighteen years of age
  • To ensure that eligible artists have a fair and equal chance to access funds, artists have to complete a new application each time they apply to the fund (maximum of 3 months).
  • This fund is meant to benefit individual visual artists who work with the following mediums: drawing, printmaking, painting, sculpture. We hope to extend the opportunity to performance and digital based artists in the future should resources expand.

How to apply to the Vulnerable Artist Fund?

The more information provided by the artist proving loss of income and motivating a need for financial assistance, the more effective the process of making funds available will be.  

It is requested that in exchange for funds received from The Lockdown Collection Trust you respond to the Open Call Lockdown initiative to either sell work (shared between artist and fund) or donate a work to be sold to replenish the fund and extend assistance to other vulnerable artists.

Complete Online Application or Download Application Form and email supporting documents to:  

What is the process and how long does it take to know whether or not the application was successful?

Each application will be put forward to a committee and individually assessed. The committee will convene once a week on Fridays and review all submissions by Friday afternoons. Applications received after Thursdays 3pm will roll over to the following week for review. 

From the time of submission, an e-mail informing the applicant of the outcome of their application will be sent within a week.


How much can I expect to receive through the fund?

As funds are limited and dependent on sales and donations through The Lockdown Collection, successful applicants will receive an amount of R3 000. If the artist requires further assistance they will need to send an e-mail to:  and request a follow-up form each month after with new backing documents.


How long does it take for payments to be processed?

We will endeavor to disburse payments within one week of a successful application.





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