APS Printmaking Worshops
Artist Proof Studio offers a wide range of printmaking workshops for beginners, artists, students, and anyone interested in learning this unique art form. The workshops are taught by our facilitators and artists affiliated with the studio. Unless otherwise noted, workshops are open for all levels. Workshop fees include materials and light refreshments.
All workshops observe the Covid-19 protocols - maximum capacity of 12 people per workshop.

Printmaking Workshops Offered

Linocut Workshop || 14 May 2022

Linoleum is a material usually used flooring and wallpaper, we use linoleum because it is softer, smoother and more malleable than wood’s hard surface, hence the term Lino-cut. Linocut is a relief print technique where an image is carved out using linocut tools. The plate surface is then inked up and printed using a press or by hand. You can then create an edition using the same plate. This technique played an important role during anti-apartheid struggle. Artists created and reproduced posters with powerful messaging when digital printing and presses were not an option. APS Alumni such as Bambo Sibiya, Lehlogonolo Mashaba and Jan Tshikhuthula  have taken this technique to new heights.

Phillip Mabothe and Vhonani Hlungwane art Linocut Workshop

Participants will need to bring an A5 picture of what they would like to print. You will be shown how to transfer your image on the lino plate, carve your image, ink and print your very own linocut print! Please Contact heidi@artistproofstudio.co.za for any questions related to the technique.


Drypoint and Surface Roll Workshop || 18 June 2022

Drypoint falls under the intaglio printing techniques, the opposite of relief printing. This means the printing is done from ink that is below the surface of the plate. Traditionally done on copper plates but artist found alternative and accessible materials such as perspex and aluminium to create drypoints.

For this technique, an image is drawn on the plate by scratching, using a needle to create an create an impression. Imagine drawing with a pen without ink, hence the word ‘dry’. Ink is then pushed into the grooves and the surface of the plate is wiped. The plate is then taken through the press, the pressure from the printing press squeezes out the ink transferring the image onto the paper. You can then create an edition using the same plate! Abe Mathabe, APS collaborating artist uses this technique to create intricate miniature drypoint prints.

Alex Nkuna Drypoint and surface roll print

Participants will need to bring an A5 picture of what they would like to print. Please contact lucas@artistproofstudio.co.za for any questions related to the technique.

Other offers: School workshops, tours, and events.

St Stithians College student workshop at APS

We offer Printing Workshops for kids aged 13+ years and college students and free tours of the studio. We also offer print workshops if you'd like to celebrate birthdays or a special day with your friends and family. Please contact rene@artistproofstudio.co.za to inquire.

Birthday party printmaking workshops with kids at APS

Disclaimer: Bookings to be made a week before the workshop to allow time for ordering materials. We need a minimum of 7 people to run the workshop. If it happens that we receive less than 7 bookings a new date will be communicated to everyone who has signed up. If you would like to make a bank transfer, please contact rene@artistproofstudio.co.za



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