Artist Proof Studio Gallery

Our gallery is a hub of artistic expression, where we celebrate the magic of printmaking and the boundless creativity of our talented artists. What makes us unique is that 80% of the prints we showcase are created by our own graduates and alumni. These artists have honed their skills through our Printmaking Education Porgramme and continue to flourish in their artistic journeys. They are the heart and soul of our gallery, and their creations are a testament to the artistic growth and dedication that our studio fosters.

The remaining 20% of our collection is the result of exciting collaborations with the Professional Print Studio (Pro-Shop) adding a unique touch of diversity to our collection.

Our presence extends far and wide, as we actively participate in art fairs across South Africa including Cape Town Art Fair, Turbine Art Fair, FNB Joburg Art Fair and RMB Latitudes. We also bring printmaking closer to the community by hosting pop-up shows at corporate events and forging partnerships with other galleries, making art accessible and engaging for everyone.

APS gallery currently has 23 consignee holders which offer APS artists increased opportunities for promotion and sales. Consignee holders as agents are offered special dis-counted rates on prints to accommodate gallery mark-ups and ensure that prices are kept in line with the market values. We consider our consignee holders and agents as partners with a shared intention of promoting the work of emerging artists and increasing access to excellent quality printmaking.

Featured Collection

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