Our gallery space is ‘multi-functional’ and is more often used as a showroom and ‘pro-cess’ space where prints are submitted, checked, photographed sorted and packaged. APS showcases new editions through exhibitions at the studio. This provides a contrast to the traditional white cube space often associated with gallery spaces and offers visitors and regular patrons an experience of the energy at APS through guided tours of production space. We also showcase prints on other platforms such as the Cape Town Art Fair, Turbine Art Fair and FNB Joburg Art Fair.

APS gallery currently has 23 consignee holders which offer APS artists increased opportunities for promotion and sales. Consignee holders as agents are offered special dis-counted rates on prints to accommodate gallery mark-ups and ensure that prices are kept in line with the market values. We consider our consignee holders and agents as partners with a shared intention of promoting the work of emerging artists and increasing access to excellent quality printmaking.