APS at Turbine Art Fair '23 

This year's highlights from the Turbine Art Fair showcased the incredible synergy between APS and our artists, culminating in a display of limited-edition pieces that captured the essence of the Turbine Art Fair. The APS booth proudly showcased the studio's dedication to pushing the limits of printmaking. Aesthetically, the booth's colour served as a captivating backdrop that amplified the impact of the artworks. The carefully two curated exhibits (preview and weekend) seamlessly blended high-valued works with those of emerging artists, breaking down barriers and welcoming art lovers of all backgrounds.

Aps at turbine

The fair was full of exciting energy as people experienced a world where accessibility was the main focus. We featured a collection of unique prints, available in limited editions. These works had the power to captivate both those who are well-versed in the art world and those who are new to it. This unique approach created a vibrant showcase of artistic expression, promoting an inclusive environment that celebrated both established printmakers and rising stars.

Sizwe Khoza engaging with clients at the fair

For those who found themselves unable to decide on a single piece or who couldn't make it to the fair in person, APS offers a unique opportunity to acquire these limited editions, ensuring that the magic of Turbine Art Fair can grace your space, even from afar. A chance to own a piece of artistic brilliance. Shop the limited editions 

APS AT Turbine Art Fair


In retrospect, Artist Proof Studio's presence at the Turbine Art Fair was nothing short of extraordinary. The fair's commitment to accessibility, combined with the studio's dedication to showcasing a diverse array of printmaking techniques, made for an unforgettable experience.

As the dust settles on the Turbine Art Fair, the momentum continues to flow for APS and our artists as we gear up for the highly anticipated Art Joburg Fair.  The APS team is already hard at work, collaborating with a lineup of artists in preparation for the highly anticipated Art Joburg fair. The APS artists are set to push the boundaries of creativity, employing various mediums and styles to evoke emotions, challenge perceptions, and ignite conversations. As anticipation builds for this upcoming event, stay tuned for announcements of the artists and ticket giveaways!


Aps studentsThe Printmaking Education Programme at APS is a thriving hub of creativity and artistic exploration, where students from different stages of their education journey come together to master the intricate world of printmaking. As the first-year students continue their screen print project, they are navigating through the layers of this fascinating technique, learning to bring their visions to life step by step. The process of building up their prints layer by layer not only hones their technical skills but also encourages them to develop a deep understanding of composition, colour theory, and visual storytelling.

APS students

In the lovely garden of the campus, second-year students have found themselves drawing inspiration from both nature and the winter sun. Students have been deeply engaged in refining their artistic skills through focused studies on accurate observational techniques in drawing the human figure.

Aps students

 Additionally, they have explored and applied selected colour theory drawing techniques, enhancing their existing drawing abilities. A significant highlight of this year has been the use of traditional drawing media, specifically coloured chalk pastels, to further cultivate their confidence and expertise in capturing various poses of the human form.

APs students

The third-year students are on a focused trajectory, fuelled by the imminent prospect of their upcoming graduation show in December. Having undergone a rigorous critique session, they have received invaluable feedback from their peers and experienced facilitators. Armed with this constructive critique, each student is diligently channelling their energy into creating a body of work that showcases their growth and mastery of specific printmaking techniques. The combination of different techniques, chosen individually by each student, promises to produce an exhibition that will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression as they enter the art market. Applications for 2024 open in September.