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Who We Are

Artist Proof Studio (APS) is an innovative and engaged community printmaking centre of excellence.  The organisation focuses on all aspects of professional printmaking: creation, sales, training, and community engagement. The studio is divided into four business units, which encompass its professional printmaking operations:

  • Print production
  • Sales
  • Education
  • Training

Through its many activities, APS facilitates the transformation of passion into possibility, as well as the active commitment of talented individuals to shape a better future for themselves.

Mission and Vision

The Mission of Artist Proof Studio is to provide an environment to develop citizens with a common set of values, expressed in the notion of Ubuntu, that have talent and passion to achieve artistic excellence. APS focuses on printmaking and its allied outreach programmes to build capacity of people to reach self-actualisation and make a difference in society.

The Vision for Artist Proof Studio is founded on a sense of shared humanity whereby people of talent and passion can reach for excellence in art making to achieve self-sustainability.

Habits of Mind’ were developed with partner organisation Boston Arts Academy (BAA) in 2014. These were been successfully established and integrated across the units of the organisation in 2016. Artist Proof Studio embraces ISEE-U.


We position Innovation as a key component in our development and evolving identity.


APS encourages its staff, artists, professionals, and students to reach their potential. Self-awareness is empowering and beneficial for APS in ensuring growth and diversity.


APS strives to promote engagement of its students, professional artists, and all staff, as well as foster the relationship between the work of the studio and the broader community.


By promoting “Excellence through Possibility,” we encourage artists to push the boundaries of printmaking to find their own vision, and inspiration through collaboration.


For APS, Ubuntu is about creating a safe anSd supportive space for self-expression: a space that is respectful, empathetic, and nourishing for the well-being of the community.


Artist Proof Studio was founded in 1991 by Kim Berman and Nhlanhla Xaba as a community printmaking centre that reflected the spirit of a healthy democracy and the ideals expressed in the new South African constitution. As printmaking was seen as a democratic medium and a counterforce to the suspicion and division left from the apartheid years, it was considered to be fitting approach to building a true egalitarian society. The country was on the brink of real change and in many ways it was artists that led the rethinking of how the future could look for all South Africans. Embodying this movement, APS became one of the pioneering community art centres in what would eventually become the cultural hub for the city of Johannesburg: Newtown.

During the last 25 years, APS has grown from a small, rudimentarily equipped printmaking studio to one of the largest and most vibrant community and professional printmaking facilities in Southern Africa, accommodating up to 60 students per year and also hosting, publishing, and providing print edition facilities and collaborative project opportunities for many artists each year.

Throughout its history, APS has evolved to a centre focused on redress to one focused on innovation and excellence. From March 2017, the organisation will be in its 26th year of existence and has been registered as an NGO since the 2nd of June 2005.