Join the Artist Proof Studio Printmaking Programme in 2024!

Are you ready to go on an exciting journey into the world of printmaking? If you're a promising artist looking to hone your skills and turn your passion into possibility, look no further than the Artist Proof Studio (APS) Printmaking Programme. With Open Day on 16th October, now is the perfect time to explore the incredible opportunities that await you at APS. Application requirements available HERE
APS Applications 2024

About Artist Proof Studio (APS)

For over 30 years, APS has been a beacon of innovation and community engagement in the world of printmaking. Our commitment to excellence in all aspects of professional hand printing, including creation, sales, community involvement, and training, sets us apart as a centre of excellence. Central to our mission is the transformation of passion into possibility, empowering talented individuals to shape a better future for themselves and their communities, primarily through our education unit.


Diversity and Inclusion

At APS, we believe in equal opportunity for all. We welcome students from various backgrounds, regardless of race, colour, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, religion, nationality, and/or ethnic origin. Our inclusive admissions process is designed to give young artists a chance to showcase their skills and potential.

What You Can Expect

The APS Printmaking course is a comprehensive 3-year full-time study program. During your time here, you'll explore various aspects of art, including drawing, critical studies, visual literacy, and of course, printmaking.

APS Students

But what truly sets APS apart is our commitment to cultivating the "APS HABITS of MIND" in our students. These habits of mind align with our core values, and they include creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, and community engagement, among others. We call it "I SEE U," reflecting our dedication to fostering artistic vision and awareness.


Why APS? 

Experienced Print Studio: Learn from passionate and experienced instructors who are deeply committed to helping you unlock your creative potential.


State-of-the-Art Facilities: Enjoy access to cutting-edge printmaking equipment and a vibrant artistic community.

Diverse Learning Environment: Join a diverse and inclusive community of artists who share your passion for printmaking.


Transformative Experience: APS is not just a school; it's a transformative experience that can shape your future and impact your community positively.




Annual 3rd year Graduation show 

Upon graduation, you join a vibrant community of artists who continue to support and inspire one another. Your work becomes a part of a larger conversation, exhibited in galleries and art fairs.


Get Ready for 2024

Mark your calendar for 16th October, and make sure not to miss our open day. This is your chance to visit our campus, meet the education team, graduates and get a firsthand look at the exciting world of printmaking at APS.



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