On the 24th of June 2023, the Heritage House (APS) opened its doors to open “AfterMath” exhibition. The atmosphere was buzzing with anticipation as visitors entered the gallery space, ready to experience the printmaking world. The opening of "AfterMath" showcased the works of young, upcoming artists who continues to push the boundaries of traditional printmaking techniques and concepts. If you couldn't make it to the grand opening of "Aftermath," don't worry – the exhibition at Artist Proof Studio is still awaiting your presence! Read more or Shop Collection 



In Term 3, the education team is working tirelessly to breathe fresh air into the education space. They have undertaken reorganization, painting, and revamping to create an improved creative atmosphere.


The team is also dedicated to continuing their mission of recycling, repurposing, and reducing the carbon footprint. Students are encouraged to print on both sides of their paper when proofing their images, and the team is even in the process of establishing their own paper-making mill.

The art of making paper will become a part of the curriculum for students in the 1st to 4th year. The paper produced will be used for printing, paper products, and pulp painting, and the team eagerly anticipates launching this new artistic practice in the upcoming months.


To further enhance their offerings, the team has made changes to their part-time (Saturday) education program. They have replaced it with open printing sessions, allowing artists to come and print on Saturdays from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM. The fee for the day is R350, covering utilities, a few consumables, tools, and printing assistance. However, it's important to note that the fee does not include paper and plates. To make a booking for the open printing session on Saturdays, interested individuals can contact Precious Mahapa Email: projects@artistproofstudio.co.za


To combat the cold winter blues, the education team has decided to inject positivity and enthusiasm by exploring colour in Term 3. For the Printmaking course, the 1st-year group will be introduced to the Silkscreen technique, creating a range of multilayered pop art-inspired pieces. Meanwhile, the 2nd-year students have embarked on an intensive drawing block dedicated to studying the human anatomy of the male and female adult figure using various colour techniques. As for the 3rd-year students, they are focusing on consolidating their advanced etching skills in preparation for the end-of-year exhibition.

APS EDUCATIONJoin us at Artist Proof Studio's Open Day on the 5th of August to explore our vibrant artistic community, witness live demonstrations by our students, and seize the opportunity to apply for the 2024 programme!



Looking to boost team morale and foster creativity within your organization? This unique team-building experience allows companies and organizations to tap into their collective artistic spirit while creating vibrant artwork in a dedicated printmaking studio.

APS Workshops

We recently hosted the talented individuals from The Centre of Less Good Idea, the team had the pleasure of exploring the exciting world of printmaking during their visit to the studio. Led by a team of skilled printmakers, they explored the art of monotypes in vibrant colours. The experience was not only a unique opportunity to create artwork but also an avenue for team to bond and connect.


Whether you're aiming to explore your company's values, enhance company culture, or simply celebrate your amazing team, these workshops offer a refreshing and engaging outlet. Additionally, Artist Proof Studio hosts print workshops for kids every Friday, as well as tailored sessions for high schoolers. To book your unforgettable printmaking adventure, reach out to Precious Email: projects@artistproofstudio.co.za 



At the Pro-shop, the atmosphere is bustling with energy as master printers and their assistants immerse themselves in their work, collaborating closely with artists to prepare for upcoming events and fairs. With a shared passion for pushing the boundaries of printmaking, they engage in vigorous experimentation to create exquisite prints that captivate the viewer's imagination. Each print is meticulously crafted, showcasing the technical expertise and artistic vision of both the printers and the artists they collaborate with. Among the talented artists currently publishing with the studio are Sizwe Khoza, Thokozani Madonsela, Nompumelelo Ngoma, and Lehlogonolo Mashaba, who bring their unique perspectives and creative flair to the vibrant world of printmaking.



The Pro-shop is a creative environment, where ideas flow freely, and the exchange between artists and master printers is vibrant and inspiring. The Pro-shop serves as a hub of innovation and collaboration, nurturing a space where artists can explore new techniques and materials while staying true to their artistic visions. With a dedication to excellence and a commitment to pushing the boundaries of printmaking, the artists and master printers at the Pro-shop continue to produce remarkable works that challenge the traditional notions of printmaking.

For information or to book a consultation with the team please email Bokang: bokang@artistproofstudio.co.za


Aps at Workshop 17

Artist Proof Studio and Workshop 17 have joined forces in an exciting partnership that merges our respective expertise in art and co-working spaces. Workshop 17, renowned for its dynamic workspaces and vibrant gallery, consistently highlights remarkable collections from talented artists.  

This partnership brings together extraordinary artworks and fosters a creative environment within Workshop 17's space, enriching the experience for all who visit.

For more information, and to book a visit please contact Claudia Bentel via email at creativeconnect@workshop17.com  or by phone at 010 500 1453. Address: 16 Baker Street, Rosebank, Johannesburg,2196