The “Tree” and “Leaf” are etchings printed on special Phumani hand-made sisal paper that William Kentridge has dedicated to the funding of Artist Proof Studio student bursaries.

The prints will be sold at a special price in conjunction with a special evening of conversation and the closing of the APS: A journey in co-creation

Only 20 editions of each print will be made available at the
price of R 25,000 on 17th July


William Kentridge - Tree - Sugar-lift Etching - 43x32cm (paper size) - 2019 - Edition of 40


William Kentridge - Leaf - Sugar-lift Etching - 43x32cm (paper size) - 2019 - Edition of 40


The prints, Tree and Leaf relate the newest Opera ‘Waiting for the Sibyl’ scheduled to be performed at the Rome Opera House in September 2019.

The sibyls were oracles in Ancient Greece who were able to prophesise through divine inspiration.

There is the story of the Cumean Sibyl, a prophetess. She would write people's fortunes or fates on oak leaves. The pile of oak leaves sat at the mouth of her cave. People would come to take the leaf on which was written their fate. But inevitably a wind would come up and swirl the leaves out of order, so one never knew if the leaf  you had picked was your fate or not. (From the opera notes: Waiting for the Sybil)

In the Opera, projections, there are riddles and prophecies from African proverbs that are gathered and dispersed on pages and leaves.


The inspired Tree and Leaf by William Kentridge is a metaphor for the gathered fates.

Each print that is sold will change the fate of every student it is destined for.

Artist Proof Studio is grateful to William Kentridge for his contribution and to our clients and partners that have supported the Education programme through their purchase.