The Special Projects Unit houses outreach, income generation, social advocacy pro-grammes as well as skills development through commissioned projects. It has developed a holistic approach to promoting social change through art. The approach supports the development of committed, skilled, and professional artists who make meaningful con-tributions in our society through their engagement with community-based projects. The Unit has established a range of corporate, government and civic partnerships that con-tribute to a diverse and sustainable funding model.

The Special Projects Unit works closely with the Education programme to involve students in workplace training, and professional experience where their printmaking skills are effectively incorporated in a larger context of art-production and business.

Artist Proof Studio has partnered with The Art Connection (Boston) to bring an exciting program that BRINGS ART TO LIFE! The Art Connection SA program identifies organisations that provide a social service to the public and installs artworks donated by artists. The Art Connection SA program is facilitated by APS’ Special Projects unit.

What is The Art Connection?

Founded in Boston as a non-profit organization in 1995, The Art Connection’s mission is to make art accessible to people who would benefit from exposure to original art in their daily lives but may not currently have access to it. The Art Connection identifies artists willing to donate their work, shows the artwork to qualified agencies, and teaches them to care for the art. The works of art then become the permanent property of the recipient agencies.

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Mural Projects

Special Projects benefits through increased capacity to manage and deliver on large-scale projects and able to provide opportunities for workplace training for enrolled students. Processes and methodologies of planning, conceptualization, implementation and delivery of artwork related to Special Projects are some areas of professional development that are experienced first-hand by the students and graduates.