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Born in April 1994 in Johannesburg, Blessing is anaccomplished artist whose formative years were shaped by the vibrantsurroundings of Troyeville, a captivating sub-urban area.

His artistic endeavours reflect a profound influencederived from this distinctive environment.


Blessing's artistic journey commenced earnestly at 32Flavors Art Studio, where he devoted himself to the study of painting, drawing,and printmaking, among other techniques. This formative experience provided asolid foundation upon which their artistic expression would flourish.

Blessing also pursued a three-year printmaking program atArtist Proof Studio in Johannesburg, specializing in printmaking, expanding hisartistic repertoire.


Additionally, Blessing is a muralist and has activelycontributed to a range of city-commissioned murals, collaborating with fellowartists to breathe life into communal spaces.

This include the “African Mobilities: this is not arefugee camp” group exhibition showcasing his dedication to exploring complexnarratives surrounding human movement.

He has played a pivotal role in an art facilitationprogram initiated by Market Foundation, providing invaluable guidance in therealm of visual art at the Windybrow Theatre, Johannesburg.


Blessing specialises in paints, watercolors, print andink media.