Attention Visual Artists specializing in painting, drawing, printmaking, or photography:


The FirstRand Foundation’s vision is a financially inclusive society with equitable access to sustainable economic growth for all. This is achieved by empowering communities to be active participants in the broader South African economy.

Talent Unlocked 2024 presents a unique opportunity for South African artists in Gauteng to engage in a comprehensive five-month mentorship program. RMB Talent Unlocked offers industry-specific training and one-on-one creative mentorship support, aimed at advancing artistic careers.

For those who are deeply committed to their professional development and eager to refine their individual brand, RMB Talent Unlocked 2024 may serve as a pivotal opportunity. Supported by RMB, this initiative aligns with the institution's commitment to nurturing and showcasing diverse talent for the development of the creative economy.

In conjunction with Artist Proof Studio & Bag Factory, programme participants will benefit from studio space and ongoing support throughout the duration of the 2024 program. The culmination of the program includes exposure to various professional exhibition and marketing opportunities, strategically timed to coincide with Joburg Art Fair’s  peak season and exhibiting platforms in August and September.

Participants will be tasked with developing and refining a body of work under the guidance of experienced artistic mentors and curators. RMB Talent Unlocked is designed to help equip participants with the skills and connections necessary to propel their artistic endeavors to new heights.

All applications must be submitted online using the provided Google Form. Submissions received through alternative platforms will not be considered.

To qualify for this opportunity, applicants must fulfill the following criteria:

  • Be a full-time practicing artist who demonstrates consistent work output.
  • Hold South African citizenship and reside in Gauteng.
  • Be 21 years of age or older.
  • Not be represented by a Gallery not to yet have a solo exhibition
  • Commit to having no prior obligations with other galleries or shows from mid-April to the end of August 2024.

Acceptance into the RMB Talent Unlocked 2024 mentorship program necessitates full availability to engage in the project and attend all scheduled mentorship sessions. Non-attendance or failure to meet deliverables may result in attrition from the program.

Documents Required:

  1. Motivation as to why you are a good candidate for RMB Talent Unlocked (250 words)
  2. List of group exhibitions (1 page)
  3. Digital Portfolio (5 - 10 artworks, good quality images with artwork details)
  4. Artist Statement 150 words
  5. Artist Biography 150 words

Please ensure that you have labeled all your uploads with your name and what the upload is (e.g Themba.P_ ArtistCV). Accurate labeling of images is important.


  1. First Name
  2. Surname
  3. Copy of ID
  4. Please upload an image of yourself.
  5. Contact Number
  6. Alternative contact Number
  7. E-mail Address
  8. Instagram handle
  9. Facebook Address
  10. Website
  11. Artist Biography (150 words max)
  12. Artist Statement (150 words max)
  13. List of previous exhibitions (1 page)
  14. Portfolio 5-10 artworks incl. details (Artist name, title, medium, size, year)
  15. Have you had any financial or business training?
  16. Have you had any formal arts training beyond secondary school?
  17. Have you attended a mentorship programme before?
  18. Please explain how the RMB Talent Unlocked experience will assist you in reaching your goals and motivate why you should be considered for Talent Unlocked. (250 words max)


For more information contact: nathi@artistproofstudio.co.za or maria@bagfactoryart.org.za