What's happening at APS this April

What's happening at APS this April

We are delighted to announce that Artist Proof Studio will be participating in the RMB Latitudes Art Fair this May. This is a significant event in the art calendar, and our presence there marks a fantastic opportunity to showcase the incredible talent within our studio. Expect to see a blend of traditional techniques and cutting-edge printmaking that promises to captivate and inspire at this year’s RMB Latitudes art Fair. The fair will be from the 24 - 26 May 2024 at the beautiful Shepstone Gardens in  Johannesburg. Stay tuned for more updates regarding our participation!


We are incredibly proud to announce Phillipah Rumano's debut solo exhibition titled "WOMEN OF STONE” at Origin Art at Keyes Art Mile. Just two years after graduating from Artist Proof Studio, Phillipah Rumano is making her mark int the art world.

Since its opening on March 23rd, the exhibition has drawn attention for its thoughtful exploration of femininity, identity, and tradition through a collection of sculptures, paintings, and prints. Rumano's work, characterized by its engagement with themes of resilience and self-expression. Her use of spring stones from Zimbabwe and elements of fashion design in her sculptures introduces a distinctive blend of texture and concept, inviting viewers to reconsider established notions of beauty and strength.

In line with the exhibition, Origin Art is set to host “Art Meets Fashion" event on Saturday, 20 April, from 14h00 to 17h00. The event will merge the worlds of art and fashion in an exclusive fashion show, featuring emerging designers with avant-garde designs inspired by Rumano's work.  "WOMEN OF STONE" will be on display until 25 April 2024.

Important stories of hope told by Kagiso Diale

We're proud to spotlight Kagiso Diale, the latest talent to collaborating with Artist Proof Studio. Kagiso has been featured in the April-May 2024 edition of Art Times, a testament to his exceptional skill and vision. His journey from the vibrant life of Soweto to the academic world at University of the Witwatersrand, transitioning from mechanical engineering to architectural studies, and finally to visual arts, reflects a profound search for purpose. At APS, Kagiso has found a platform to express his insights into the South African social fabric through a series of etchings titled "Umakoti, Inkolo Nemihlolo" (The Wife, the Faith and the Absurd), drawing from his upbringing among strong women embodying tradition, culture, faith, and spirituality.
Check out the feature to learn more about Kagiso's journey and his compelling artwork here (page 62)


We are proud to announce that Artist Proof Studio is currently presenting an exhibition in collaboration with George Mason University School of Art in Fairfax, Virginia USA. The exhibition is titled "Faces and Figures: Identity Through Printmaking in South Africa opened March 25. Crated by students enrolled in the “Curating an Exhibition” course led by Dr. LaNitra Berger, "Faces & Figures" explores themes of identity within the contemporary South African context through the medium of printmaking. The exhibition showcases the work of alumni, and current students of Artist Proof Studio.

This exhibition not only highlights the innovative spirit and self-awareness that are central to the ethos of Artist Proof Studio but also provides a platform for our artists to share their unique perspectives with a wider audience on an international scale. View the work and read more about the exhibition here.

 The Roedean School (SA) Annual Art Fair

The Roedean School (SA) Annual Art Fair, held from March 14th to 16th, was a vibrant celebration of art and creativity, showcasing a rich array of artworks from Artist Proof Studio alumni, renowned artists, and the talented students of Roedean School (SA).

The Gala evening, opened by Nelson Makamo, a notable Artist Proof Studio alum, was stood out as a particularly memorable moment. Makamo's eloquent speech about his journey as an artist added depth and inspiration to the evening, celebrated in a classic cocktail style. The fair concluded with a Family Art Day, including print demonstrations by Artist Proof Studio graduates, providing a wonderful opportunity for families to engage with art, enjoy delicious food from vendors, and make lasting investments in art. The success of the event was made possible by the exceptional curation of Annelie Jordaan and the tireless efforts of the PTA team, ensuring a seamless and enriching experience for all involved.


Artist Proof Studio is excited to announce our partnership with the RMB Talent Unlocked Programme, set to take place in May 2024. This collaboration highlights our commitment to fostering artistic talent and providing meaningful opportunities for growth within the South African art community. The RMB Talent Unlocked Programme, supported by the FirstRand Foundation, offers a unique five-month mentorship for artists in Gauteng, focusing on industry-specific training and one-on-one mentorship to advance artistic careers and promote sustainable economic growth through the arts.

We wish all applicants the best of luck as we review their submissions. This program, in collaboration with Artist Proof Studio and Bag Factory, promises participants access to studio space, professional development, and exposure to key exhibition and marketing opportunities, especially during the Joburg Art Fair season. It's designed to refine participants' skills, enhance their individual brands, and connect them with the broader art economy, propelling their careers forward. We look forward to the innovative works and professional growth that will emerge from this exciting initiative.