Education Open Day 2019

Education Open Day 2019


Artist Proof Studio’s (APS) student community is passionate about visual art. We work and learn together as a community and share our knowledge with others through special projects designed to equip all our students with workplace experience. Artworks produced at APS are informed by personal, cultural and social experiences of living in and around the city of Johannesburg. 

Our admissions process is designed to give young artists an opportunity to demonstrate their skills and potential. All interested students, from various walks of life and at different levels of prior experience and learning are welcome to apply. APS targets communities where youth have little access to tertiary Education because of financial or educational constraints.

We do not discriminate on the basis of race, colour, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, religion, national and/or ethnic origin. Students without matric certification are welcome to apply although a matric pass is preferred. The admission/application process is divided into four phases:






All prospective students

All prospective students

Selected students from Phase 2

Selected students from Phase 3

Open Day

Application Forms

Motivation Letter

Portfolio of artwork


Application Form

Motivation letter

Portfolio of artwork



Drawing Examination

CV with Supporting Documents e.g. Academic records

ID Photograph and a copy of ID Book


*Students will be notified telephonically or via sms and email the results of each phase. Please ensure that you have given us the correct cell number and email address.



26th October 201  -   12th December  2019


Phase 2: Submit Application Form and Portfolio

Portfolio Selection and Call Back for Interview Appointments

2nd -4th December 2020

14th – 24th January 2020

Phase 3: Interviews

Bring certified copy of ID book or passport, Educational results for the highest grade passed and certificates

15th – 27th January 2020

RESULTS via sms, telephonically or email

20th January – 3rd  February 2020

Phase 4: Registration

21st January – 31st January 2020

Phase 5: Collection of portfolios

NB: APS will not be liable for missing/ damaged portfolios after the collection deadline.

3rd February 2019 Fulltime

8th February 2019 Part-time

Course begins


Admissions Process for Artist Proof Studio

There are four parts to complete in the application process. First is the motivation letter, second the portfolio and third, the drawing examination and lastly, the interview. Students are given a composite score based on all four areas. This is broken down below:

  • 20% of the score: Motivation letter
  • 30% of the score: Artwork portfolio
  • 30% of the score: Drawing examination
  • 20% of the score: Interview

Motivation Letter: A motivation letter should be addressed to the Artist Proof Studio Education Team and should include information about yourself as well as an explanation as to why you think you would like to be a student at Artist Proof Studio. Explain what you can contribute to our community. It should not be longer that one page and will give us an idea of your writing abilities. (It is important that this is written by you and not someone else).

Portfolio:  A portfolio is a collection of your work, which shows creativity, personality and skills. The portfolio should consist of your latest 6-8 original two-dimensional artworks.  These could be your best finished paintings, drawings or prints in good condition (or digital images of your drawings, painting or prints on CD ROM). Your portfolio can be a flip file, a portfolio bag, a visual diary or a folder. There is no set subject matter as we will be looking for level of drawing skill. Please make sure to write your name, surname and contact details on your portfolio. Write your name and surname on each artwork, please do not sign your name. Be selective, don’t submit works that you are not proud of.

Drawing Exam: For the drawing exam, candidates are to bring pencils, sharpeners and an eraser/rubber. We will supply paper. You will be expected to draw a still life for approximately three hours. (Please bring some food and water for yourself).

Interview: An interviewing team composed of Artist Proof Studio representatives, APS artists, and APS teachers conduct the interviews. Candidates are to bring all their documentation including: a certified copy of ID book or passport, educational results for the highest grade passed and certificates.

All candidates are asked the same questions. The questions are designed to get a sense of who you are, your interests, background and financial situation. Additional questions may be asked with regards to the submitted portfolio. At the end of the process, you are invited to ask the interviewers questions.

Fee Structure 2020

Artist Proof Studio runs two annual courses:

  1. Full-Time is three days a week Monday – Wednesday 9:00am – 4:00pm.
  2. Part-Time on Saturday’s from 9:00am – 3:00pm.

Full Time Course Fees: R 20 000.00 p/a

Part-Time Course Fees: R 9 000.00 p/a

A Registration Fee of R 1 300.00 is to be paid on acceptance to the course by the end of January 2020.



October 01, 2019


Artist Proof Studio would like to congratulate the following graduates on their remarkable achievements!



The program is aimed at supporting young South African female visual artists by providing free studio space, materials, exhibition opportunity, continual support and exposure through local and international art fairs.

Two to four thriving female artists are selected from a wide range of applications. We congratulate APS graduate Dudu “DuduBloom” More on being one of two winners announced on 27 September!

 DUDUBLOOM – Awarded Co-Create Collaborative Residency


 We are really excited to see continuous growth from DuduBloom. We are proud of the role model she has become for APS female artists!



"Art must become a process - a living, growing thing that people can relate, identify with, be part of, understand; not a mysterious world a universe apart from them." – Thami Mnyele

The annual Thami Mnyele Arts Awards celebrates artists who explore various artistic media to express metaphors and their ability to reflect the world we live in. The competition, in its 32nd year, was hosted in The City of Ekurhuleni on 28 September at the Coen Scholtz Recreation Centre.

On the evening two of APS’ very own were the prize winners selected by a team of adjudicators. 


APS is so proud of the amazing accomplishments by Sizwe and Lindo! May you continue to inspire the students, show them what is possible with hard works and determination!
September 30, 2019
APS Online Exclusive Launching Soon!

APS Online Exclusive Launching Soon!

APS is proud to launch Online Exclusive - where special limited editions are only available for purchase from our online store!

We have invited top emerging artists to publish new and exclusive prints specially for you to conveniently purchase from the comfort of your home/office!

Artists include:

- David Madlabane

- DuduBloom More

- Hlelo Molefe

- Pule Ratsoma

- Thuli Lubisi



July 23, 2019
New Special William Kentridge Editions

New Special William Kentridge Editions

The “Tree” and “Leaf” are etchings printed on special Phumani hand-made sisal paper that William Kentridge has dedicated to the funding of Artist Proof Studio student bursaries.

The prints were sold at a special price in conjunction with William Kentridge in conversation with Kim Berman and the closing of the APS: A journey in co-creation.

Only 20 editions of each print available


William Kentridge - Tree - Sugar-lift Etching - 43x32cm (paper size) - 2019 - Edition of 40
0 Editions Available


William Kentridge - Leaf - Sugar-lift Etching - 43x32cm (paper size) - 2019 - Edition of 40
10 Editions Available


About the prints

The prints, Tree and Leaf relate the newest Opera ‘Waiting for the Sibyl’ scheduled to be performed at the Rome Opera House in September 2019.

The sibyls were oracles in Ancient Greece who were able to prophesise through divine inspiration.

There is the story of the Cumean Sibyl, a prophetess. She would write people's fortunes or fates on oak leaves. The pile of oak leaves sat at the mouth of her cave. People would come to take the leaf on which was written their fate. But inevitably a wind would come up and swirl the leaves out of order, so one never knew if the leaf  you had picked was your fate or not. (From the opera notes: Waiting for the Sybil)

In the Opera, projections, there are riddles and prophecies from African proverbs that are gathered and dispersed on pages and leaves.

The inspired Tree and Leaf by William Kentridge is a metaphor for the gathered fates.
Each print that is sold will change the fate of every student it is destined for.

Artist Proof Studio is grateful to William Kentridge for his contribution and to our clients and partners that have supported the Education programme through their purchase.


Contact our gallery for any queries on the Leaf print |  011 492 1278 -


July 18, 2019
William Kentridge in conversation with Kim Berman

William Kentridge in conversation with Kim Berman




For the closing of the exhibition Artist Proof Studio: A Journey in Co-creation, Artist Proof Studio (APS) and Visual Identities in Art and Design (VIAD) at the University of Johannesburg’s Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture were honoured to host a conversation and reception for William Kentridge, in celebration of 24 years of collaboration between William Kentridge and Artist Proof Studio.  

Collaboration comes about when people seek to create value together – a process exemplified in the social dynamic of the printmaking studio, in which artists and printmakers collectively produce or ‘co-create’ printed works of art.

APS has been fortunate to have been collaborating with William Kentridge since 1995. His partnership has supported the flourishing and facilitation of hundreds of young printmakers to have a career through understanding the possibility of excellence. The ethos of co-creation has been central to the growth and creative output of APS.

William Kentridge is known throughout the world for his remarkable and generous collaborations. His approach of inclusion creates opportunities for many emerging and established artists to share in a platform and participate in his creative process. The Centre for the Less Good Idea, founded by William Kentridge, is a unique example of a space that allows for experimentation and failure through seemingly incompatible or unexpected collaborations, understanding that innovation is more likely to come out of a ‘less good idea’.

In their conversation, Berman and Kentridge explored the multiple ways in which co-creation is integral to printmaking processes and contributes to a conception of art enlivened by the possibilities of reciprocation and multiple modes of knowing and engagement.

Kentridge discussed many of his latest and future collaborations including his upcoming retrospective in Cape Town which will be held at Zeitz MOCAA and the Norval Foundation. The upcoming retrospective will be the largest exhibition of Kentridge’s work ever held in Africa.




A limited edition series of recent etchings by William Kentridge were for sale at a special rate. Proceeds will support the APS Education Endowment Fund. View prints HERE


Please contact with any queries on the event | 011 492 1278
July 18, 2019
Alumni News - Nelson Makamo chats to Trevor Noah

Alumni News - Nelson Makamo chats to Trevor Noah

Trevor Noah interviews renowned South African artist Nelson Makamo on the Daily Show


APS alumnus Nelson Makamo talks to Trevor Noah about his incredible journey from growing up creating his own toys from clay to becoming a world renowned artist.

"People come to South Africa to view your art, to purchase your art—from Alicia Keys to Oprah Winfrey," says Noah

Watch clip below


Follow Nelson on Instagram


cover image:

July 18, 2019
RMB Turbine Art Fair 2019 is here!

RMB Turbine Art Fair 2019 is here!

Artist Proof Studio (APS) prides itself on excellence through possibilities.
Make sure you visit our stand at TAF, as we are showcasing exciting collaborations, affordable prints,  and the hottest new talent in Joburg.
Artist Proof Studio is grateful to Fasken for their continued support and generosity which helps growth of our emerging artists!

APS Students x Strauss & Co Abstract Interpretations



For the 2019 RMB Turbine Art fair (RMBTAF), Strauss & Co have exhibited the acclaimed work of Douglas Portway and Louis Khehla Maqhubela as their featured artist. Artist Proof Studio is privileged to collaborate with Strauss & Co for third year in a row by getting APS students to create their own interpretations of inspired by Strauss & Co featured artists.

 The 2nd Year and 3rd Year students from APS were asked to make a contemporary response to Portway’s and Maqhubela’s work. The students have responded to both artists unique styles that are rooted in abstract expressionism. Portway and Maqhubel’s use of bright colours, expressive marks and shapes serve as a catalyst of inspiration.

These special artworks are available for purchase at the RMBTAF - ranging from R800.00 -  R2000.00 -  CATALOGUE HERE


Artists Come To APS at RMBTAF19

Artist Proof Studio has always ensured that it's students and alumni always have the opportunity to engage directly with art buyers, through live printmaking demonstrations or meet and greet. This has always been a great way to learn more about printmaking and the journey of an artist for return buyers and newcomers to the art market.

We are thrilled to announce that our artists will be at our stand during the the RMBTAF weekend! Come to our stand on Friday 12 July and Sunday 14 July for the opportunity to learn more about the artists inspiration, creative process and more!





Saturday 13 July


Sunday 14 July









July 11, 2019
Alumni News - Emhlabeni by Themba Khumalo

Alumni News - Emhlabeni by Themba Khumalo

Overwhelming support at the opening of Emhlabeni by Themba Khumalo

at Gallery 2




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#art #drawing #charcoal

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July 04, 2019
What to expect at RMBTAF19

What to expect at RMBTAF19

Over the years APS has built a positive reputation as the place to visit for emerging talent, with enormous growth and investment potential for galleries and investors alike. The work people are interested in buying is excellent in execution and quality, is affordable and vibrant enough for them to proudly display in their homes. Young buyers also base their decision on whether a particular artist or artwork is an ‘investment buy’ and if it is likely to increase in value over time. Many of our alumni have become established practicing artists locally and internationally. Artists such as Phillemon Hlungwane, Nelson Makamo, Mongezi Ncaphayi, Senzo Shabangu, Bambo Sibiya, Themba Khumalo, Sizwe Khoza to name a few.



Don't miss your opportunity to purchase your next investment piece. Visit us at Stand E2 between 11 - 14 July.





July 04, 2019
Creation of Dada Picnic

Creation of Dada Picnic

At 16h00 on Christmas Eve, one hour before he left for the airport, William Kentridge signed the trial proof of Dada Picnic. Amid this remarkable schedule, William Kentridge made the space and time to honour a commitment to Artist Proof Studio.

 An account of the collaboration of the artworks sahred by APS executive director Kim Berman.


William drew the sugar lift image on the plate on Thursday evening of December 20th, after everyone else had closed for the holidays. Pontsho Sikhosana came in to APS Friday morning to assist in etching and printing the first layer of the plate, before I took over the work on an inspiring collaboration.

Over Saturday, Sunday and Monday, William repainted the sugar-lift, dry-pointed and scraped away, and I proofed and etched four more layers aquatint etching blocking out selected areas until he was satisfied with the increasing richness of tonality and complexity.

The final result consists of dense layers of different tonalities of aquatint, and witty texts scraped out and re-etched: ‘Panic’ receding then re-amplified; ‘always remember me-me’ words from a headless-systems-character disappearing and the re-instated in the negative through etching over text written with a marking pen on the plate.

The two plates consist of single procession of key moments by Dadaists (Francis Picabia, Jean Arp and Max Ernst) and the second represents office characters including a portrait of his embossing stamp or ‘chop’ that sits on one of his work tables in the studio.

A version of this composition is currently in production as a monumental tapestry by Marguerite Stephens and her weaving studio.

William Kentridge had just returned home for ten days from a grueling international schedule, after the monumental production of The Head & the Load showing in New York in December, fitting in another major exhibition in Basel and working furiously toward a major exhibition of new work at the Marion Goodman Gallery show in New York in March. On Christmas Eve he was on his way to Australia to rehearse a major production of Wozzeck at the Sydney Opera House opening in January.

The production of The Head & the Load which seeks to right a wrong in the world’s historical consciousness” and is “about all the contradictions and paradoxes of colonialism that were heated and compressed by circumstances of the war,” has been described as one of his most ambitious projects yet undertaken. The acclaim of that production was expressed in New York Magazine review, consolidating Kentridge’s position as one of the greatest living artists of our time:

“Today’s art world is powerfully drawn to Kentridge because he’s mastered one of our period’s greatest challenges: how to create an art of cultural authority, one that takes the moral measure of our time.”—New York Magazine


Contact our gallery team for any queries on the artworks | - 011 4921278


February 24, 2019
Alumni News - Nelson Makamo featured on the cover of Time Magazine!

Alumni News - Nelson Makamo featured on the cover of Time Magazine!

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Visions of a limitless future! 🙏🏾 @time

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South African artist Nelson Makamo broke the internet in February when he shared an image of his artwork gracing the cover of Times Magazine. APS is proud of the inspirational achievements of Makamo, who is showing young artists that it is possible for an African artist to become a global phenomenon.

Read Article HERE




February 07, 2019
An Evening in Rome with William Kentridge

An Evening in Rome with William Kentridge

William Kentridge generously presented a lecture on Triumphs and Laments mural in Rome in support of a fundraiser to send two young Artist Proof Studio artists to Italy. The event held at Wits Art Museum (WAM), was coordinated and catered for by Mastrantonio and supported by the Italian Consulate.

On exhibition in the core gallery were the Trial and Laments series consisting of Garibaldi, Marcus Aurelius, Triumph of Bacchus, Skeletal Horse and Refugees. This was the first time all the prints printed by APS from the series were shown together in South Africa having recently returned from Emerson Urban Arts in Boston.

A special edition of smaller prints were made available specifically for the event and sold at a special discounted price for that evening only to raise funds towards a trip to Italy for two deserving APS artists.

Thank you to  Mark Hudson from Soundsation for audio and visuals, as well as Paul Mills who filmed the lecture.

May 09, 2018