RMB Turbine Art Fair 2019 is here!

RMB Turbine Art Fair 2019 is here!

Artist Proof Studio (APS) prides itself on excellence through possibilities.
Make sure you visit our stand at TAF, as we are showcasing exciting collaborations, affordable prints,  and the hottest new talent in Joburg.
Artist Proof Studio is grateful to Fasken for their continued support and generosity which helps growth of our emerging artists!

APS Students x Strauss & Co Abstract Interpretations



For the 2019 RMB Turbine Art fair (RMBTAF), Strauss & Co have exhibited the acclaimed work of Douglas Portway and Louis Khehla Maqhubela as their featured artist. Artist Proof Studio is privileged to collaborate with Strauss & Co for third year in a row by getting APS students to create their own interpretations of inspired by Strauss & Co featured artists.

 The 2nd Year and 3rd Year students from APS were asked to make a contemporary response to Portway’s and Maqhubela’s work. The students have responded to both artists unique styles that are rooted in abstract expressionism. Portway and Maqhubel’s use of bright colours, expressive marks and shapes serve as a catalyst of inspiration.

These special artworks are available for purchase at the RMBTAF - ranging from R800.00 -  R2000.00 -  CATALOGUE HERE


Artists Come To APS at RMBTAF19

Artist Proof Studio has always ensured that it's students and alumni always have the opportunity to engage directly with art buyers, through live printmaking demonstrations or meet and greet. This has always been a great way to learn more about printmaking and the journey of an artist for return buyers and newcomers to the art market.

We are thrilled to announce that our artists will be at our stand during the the RMBTAF weekend! Come to our stand on Friday 12 July and Sunday 14 July for the opportunity to learn more about the artists inspiration, creative process and more!





Saturday 13 July


Sunday 14 July