APS Artists Featured at the 2024 Investec Cape Town Art Fair

APS Artists Featured at the 2024 Investec Cape Town Art Fair

Meet the artists from Artist Proof Studio featured at the 2024 Investec Cape Town Art Fair. Whether you're looking to enrich your print collection or discover something unique, this collection promises works that challenge narratives, celebrate heritage, and invite personal reflection. Each artist contributes a unique perspective and style, offering a glimpse into their personal narratives and artistic journeys. Limited prints of the Investec Cape Town Art Fair are available here. 

Adrian Kohler

Adrian Kohler is a long-time friend of APS and Co-founder and artistic director of the Handspring Puppet Company. Kohler's journey into the arts is deeply rooted in his family's creative legacy. With a mother who was a passionate amateur puppeteer and a father skilled in yacht building and cabinet making, Adrian was immersed in the world of craftsmanship and storytelling from a young age.  

Kohler transformed one of his most beloved characters, Gretchen, (a life-sized puppet that has captivated audiences with her stories and adventures), into a lino cut relief carving in 2023. This artistic venture bridges the tactile world of puppetry with the expressive, graphic nature of printmaking, offering a fresh perspective on Gretchen's character and allowing her stories to reach new audiences in a visually striking format. More about the artist. 


Lindo Zwane

Lindo Zwane, born in 1992 in Newcastle, South Africa, is an artist of remarkable versatility, working across painting, charcoal drawing, and printmaking. His academic and practical foundation in printmaking was laid at the Artist Proof Studio, where he also contributed as a drawing facilitator. Zwane's art is deeply reflective, exploring themes of nostalgia and catharsis, exploring the intricacies of daily life and its direction. In this new series the artist investigates the gaze on informal traders, particularly, the working women of Kwa Mai Mai. The artist chooses to focus his attention on how these women navigate cooking on open fires, defying what is traditionally a man’s job, to provide for their families in an urban environment where they are publicly scrutinised and simultaneously the subjects of a desensitized type of slum tourism.


Mary Sibande

Mary Sibande, born in 1982 in Barberton, South Africa, crafts stories through the language of dress, using her art to challenge historical narratives and celebrate the lives of South African women. Living and working in Johannesburg, she graduated with a Fine Arts degree from the University of Johannesburg. Sibande's vibrant installations and photographs feature her alter ego, Sophie, to delve into the experiences and livelihoods of her mother and grandmother under apartheid.

Recently, she expanded her artistic reach by collaborating with our Pro-shop team to create unique prints, further blending her interests in fashion and fine art. Her work can be found in the collections of the Smithsonian National Museum of African Art, Washington; Virginia Museum of Fine Art, Richmond, USA; and the Musée d’Art Contemporain du Val-de-Marne, France, among others.

Lehlogonolo Mashaba

Lehlogonolo Mashaba, born in 1983 in Kwa-Thema, has established himself as a profound voice in contemporary printmaking. His art explores the origins of life, intertwining thought, spirit, and technology through intricate lines and forms. Mashaba's prints and public artworks, notably the six-floor balcony drawing installation at ABSA offices, embody his exploration of human existence and its complexities. A professional printmaker, Mashaba has honed his skills at Artist Proof Studio, contributing to various local and international collaborations. His work pays homage to the dynamic between order and chaos, exploring human form and information distortion through graffiti-like patterns. Mashaba’s artistic process emphasizes the labour-intensive techniques of cutting, printing, and layering, aiming to reconstruct human figures that embody both strength and frailty. 

Lazi Mathebula

Lazi Mathebula - Raised in Alexandra Township, Johannesburg, Lazi’s art resonates on an emotional level, weaving thought-provoking narratives that have earned him critical acclaim in the art world. Lazi's previous exhibitions have showcased his ability to connect with audiences through his deeply cultural and emotionally charged pieces. His latest body of prints is a continuation of a series exploring the deep heart and soul of Sophiatown, (an iconic and historically significant neighbourhood in Johannesburg). The work captures the spirit of the era, celebrating its artistic diversity, cultural richness, and strong sense of unity and community. 

Leigh Le Roux

Leigh Le Roux - A dynamic mixed-race artist from Johannesburg, Leigh has spent the last decade in the advertising world, dedicating his early mornings and late evenings to perfecting his art. On June 16th, 2022, he took the bold step of committing full-time to his passion for art. Now, at 33, Leigh is exploring and mastering new mediums, including tattooing, spray painting, and documenting his artistic journey. Leigh's approach to visual storytelling is deeply personal, a skill refined through his experiences with dyslexia, which made traditional forms of communication challenging. His work is a testament to his belief in the power of art to convey stories and emotions beyond words.

Mongezi Ncaphayi

Mongezi Ncaphayi, born in 1983 in Benoni, Johannesburg, is an artist whose work is celebrated both locally and internationally. With a Diploma in Art & Design and a Professional Printmaking Certificate from Artist Proof Studio, Ncaphayi has been recognized with prestigious residencies and awards, including the Ampersand Foundation residency in New York and the Absa Atelier Gerard Sekoto prize. His art, focusing on the socio-political history of South Africa, particularly the displacement of the migrant mineworker, incorporates abstract elements and jazz music as a means of expression and reflection on displacement and cultural identity. 


Sizwe Khoza

Sizwe Khoza, born in Mozambique and relocated to South Africa in 1995, has developed a unique artistic voice through his exploration of monotype and printmaking techniques. Inspired by his bi-annual visits back home, Khoza's work is a poignant reflection on identity, memory, and the fleeting nature of life. His art, particularly noted for its detailed portraiture and thematic depth, delves into the dynamics of youth and the essence of momentary joy and exploration. The blind emboss in the background serves as a callback to Khoza's earlier works and represents the guiding and protective light that will always accompany this young King. It's essential to acknowledge that James is still a child with limitless potential, as evidenced by the evolving characters depicted throughout Khoza's body of work. Khoza's exhibitions, both solo and group, have gained attention for their introspective approach and innovative use of printmaking.