What’s happening at APS this July

What’s happening at APS this July

Highlights from First Thursdays at Origin Art Gallery 

 As part of the First Thursdays activities at Keyes Art Mile, we held an activation event at Keyes Art Mile, Origin Art Galley. Betinho Mokwane and Katlego Kgomo demonstrated some of the printmaking techniques showcased. The demonstrations, particularly of the linocut technique, were a hit. It was important for people to see the process firsthand, as it offered them a deeper understanding and appreciation of the craftsmanship involved. Watching the printmaking process in action allowed visitors to connect more deeply with the artworks and experience the meticulous effort that goes into creating each piece. The event was filled with excitement and educational moments, making it a truly enriching experience for all who attended.

Upcoming Event: 25 July at Origin Art Gallery 

Mark your calendars for our next activation at Origin Art Gallery on 25 July. This exclusive, ticketed event promises exciting offerings and goodies, and it's family-friendly too! Join us for another immersive experience in the world of printmaking and meet the artists behind the works. Tickets available here. 

Exploring the Therapeutic Power of Art 

Kim Berman recently conducted a paper prayer monotype workshop with students from UJ Art, focusing on art therapy. Art therapy combines the creative process with psychological healing, providing a means for individuals to explore their emotions, reduce stress, and improve self-esteem. This workshop was significant in highlighting how art can serve as a powerful therapeutic tool, fostering emotional well-being and personal growth through creative expression. 

RMB Talent Unlocked: Highlighting Our Artists 

The RMB Talent Unlocked participants are currently working on their practical projects for their upcoming exhibition in August.

Given Muronga, born in Pretoria, found his passion for art early on, drawing inspiration from his surroundings and artistic mentors. His work is deeply personal, showcasing his cultural roots and life experiences through colorful and intricate pieces. Given has earned significant recognition, including a solo exhibition at the State Theatre and commissions by the National Art Museum. 

Serai Lobelo is an artist with a rich Basarwa heritage. His work is a tribute to Indigenous cultures, spanning various mediums from large-scale drawings to vivid chalk pastels. Each piece preserves and celebrates cultural narratives. Serai is dedicated to digitizing Indigenous knowledge systems, ensuring their preservation and relevance in the modern world. 

Jason Langa is a talented painter and printmaker from Johannesburg and an APS graduate. His work is inspired by the people and scenes around him, celebrating everyday life through vibrant colors that connect viewers emotionally. Jason has worked on exciting projects, including collaborations with Netflix and exhibitions at Documenta 15 in Germany.  

APS Graduates and Alumni Highlights 

Lebohang Motaung: Lebohang Motaung's third solo show opens to the public on 12 July at The Gallery at Steyn City. Having a solo exhibition is a significant milestone for any artist, showcasing their individual vision and mastery of their craft. Explore Lebohang's work available on our online shop.   

About the exhibition: Motaung's work transcends traditional boundaries by incorporating hair as a primary medium, making her a trailblazer in contemporary art. Her art explores identity, heritage, and the cultural significance of hair within African communities. Motaung creates highly textured, intricate works that resonate on a deeply personal and communal level by weaving, braiding, and stitching synthetic and human hair extensions onto canvases.  
Please email Sharon Peters for inquiries:info@thegallerysa.co.za 064 650 1871


Sizwe Khoza: We are proud to announce that Sizwe Khoza has been featured on the cover of the Mail & Guardian's 200 Young South Africans issue. Sizwe Khoza is an accomplished artist and proud alum of Artist Proof Studio. As one of our top 10 selling artists in the gallery, Sizwe's talent and dedication to his craft have earned him recognition and success. His journey from student to celebrated artist is an inspiration to all, and we are incredibly proud of his achievements. Check out his work available for purchase on our online shop


Lesego Ditshego and Tshegofatso Phore: These talented artists will be presenting a two-man show at the Art Room Gallery on 3 August. This exhibition is part of their senior grad show, a culmination of their fourth-year internship programme and the creation of a comprehensive body of work. 

APS Joins Forces with A Night of 1000 Drawings Initiative 

We are excited to announce that APS has joined forces with the "A Night of 1000 Drawings" initiative, an art-for-charity project aimed at transforming lives across Johannesburg. This initiative encourages everyone, from amateur to professional artists, to create and donate A5 masterpieces. These artworks can be in any form—doodles, sketches, paintings, photographs, etchings, or embroidery—as long as they are A5. Each piece will be sold for R200, with all proceeds going to support inner-city charities. We welcome you to drop off your A5 artworks at our studio. Let's come together to make a difference through art! 

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