William Kentridge in conversation with Kim Berman

William Kentridge in conversation with Kim Berman




For the closing of the exhibition Artist Proof Studio: A Journey in Co-creation, Artist Proof Studio (APS) and Visual Identities in Art and Design (VIAD) at the University of Johannesburg’s Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture were honoured to host a conversation and reception for William Kentridge, in celebration of 24 years of collaboration between William Kentridge and Artist Proof Studio.  

Collaboration comes about when people seek to create value together – a process exemplified in the social dynamic of the printmaking studio, in which artists and printmakers collectively produce or ‘co-create’ printed works of art.

APS has been fortunate to have been collaborating with William Kentridge since 1995. His partnership has supported the flourishing and facilitation of hundreds of young printmakers to have a career through understanding the possibility of excellence. The ethos of co-creation has been central to the growth and creative output of APS.

William Kentridge is known throughout the world for his remarkable and generous collaborations. His approach of inclusion creates opportunities for many emerging and established artists to share in a platform and participate in his creative process. The Centre for the Less Good Idea, founded by William Kentridge, is a unique example of a space that allows for experimentation and failure through seemingly incompatible or unexpected collaborations, understanding that innovation is more likely to come out of a ‘less good idea’.

In their conversation, Berman and Kentridge explored the multiple ways in which co-creation is integral to printmaking processes and contributes to a conception of art enlivened by the possibilities of reciprocation and multiple modes of knowing and engagement.

Kentridge discussed many of his latest and future collaborations including his upcoming retrospective in Cape Town which will be held at Zeitz MOCAA and the Norval Foundation. The upcoming retrospective will be the largest exhibition of Kentridge’s work ever held in Africa.




A limited edition series of recent etchings by William Kentridge were for sale at a special rate. Proceeds will support the APS Education Endowment Fund. View prints HERE


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