Another Cat

Another Cat

About the artwork

The origin of this powerful image is derived from an etching plate begun with Malcolm Christian at Caversham Press over 15 years ago and reminiscent of the famous “Scribble Cat” published by David Krut Studio in 2010. The Kentridge studio found the plate stored away on a shelf, with a single state proof. Interested in breathing it back to life, Kentridge suggested it be continued as a collaboration with APS. In response to seeing the trial proof of two plates printed in two different densities of etching ink, Kentridge has added two more layers to each plate; one with energetic drypoint lines and the second with his painterly wash strokes characteristic of the more experimental use of coffee lift.

Kentridge adding dry-point mark making to the copper plates


The resulting image embodies both the creative energy of the artist and poised tension of a cat.

 Another Cat is the latest in a long history of Kentridge’s use of the iconic image of the cat: wrought iron cats frame the entrance to his house and studio, cats appear in many of his iconic videos, drawings, tapestries and prints, and large bronze cat twists on it’s back at the Norval Museum.

William Kentridge – Another Cat – Aquatint Etching – 67x85.5cm – 2020 - Edition of 40


William Kentridge has given countless lectures and there are over 100 books and catalogues published about his work. His impact in the world is astounding; his imagination and breadth of creative practice helps us imagine the world in new ways.


He famously talks about the importance of agency in his work:

The line is going to lead you-it is going to be the dog that is pulling you on the  leash” (Kentridge in conversation with Denis Hirson 2017: 8).

The energy…is partly about the energy of self-deception, of understanding that, among other things, we are people that make sense of clues we are given in the world. And it seems to be about the agency and the pleasure in making the world happen” (Kentridge in conversation with Denis Hirson 2017: 34).


William Kentridge has had a profound impact on the burgeoning energy of the cultural life in South Africa. Through his generous collaborations, he has supported hundreds of theatre, dance, art and sculpture artists and studios. His 25-year partnership with Artist Proof Studio, from his first collaborative etching in 1994 to the many fundraisers and co-publication of the magnificent Triumphs and Laments series has enabled APS to subsidise over 80 talented art students each year to train as accomplished printmakers. Many of our alumni, like Another Cat have released their creative energy into the world, transforming their own and our worlds into acts of re-creation.

Nathi Ndlandla and William Kentridge looking at trial proofs next to Another Cat sculpture

(Notes by Kim Berman, Jan 2020)

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