TLC - APS Bursary Fund Launches in Youth Month

“Understanding the world of scarcity that we are in”.

                                                                                              - William Kentridge


As we enter the harsh winter season which is also Youth Month, William Kentridge has once again gifted the TLC-APS Vulnerable Artists Campaign two remarkable prints that speak to the moment.


When asked what these works mean to him, he said, “It’s about an act of kindness, and our humanity - understanding the world of scarcity that we are in”.


The works by Kentridge are limited edition of signed digital prints derived from an original text from the Blue Rubrics series, painted on journal paper using pure lapis lazuli pigment.

The limited edition of 40 signed digital prints in each edition will each provide R15 000 bursaries to art students demonstrating financial need.

The works will be hand-signed by the artist and available for pre-order and purchase via Artist Proof Studio

The Vulnerable Artist Fund (VAF) aims to announce 60 bursary awards on June 30th.

Special prizes will also be issued for juried -selected -best applications (statements and artworks in response to the campaign)


APPLICATIONS are open until June 24th (Youth Month) the month of solidarity and commitment to the sacrifices of the youth towards a democratic future.

Artists can envision hope and aspiration for the world, but also require “a soft shoulder”.

The arts provide possibilities for a renewed and sustainable future and need support.

Many students suffer extreme despair and anxiety, some having lost family members or their anchors to stability and security.

Yet, South African youth are resilient and studying art allows them the agency visualise a different reality as a tool to shape hope for the future.

Many need a “soft shoulder” to help then through.

This campaign provides yet another example of how art creates agency - when an artwork, through an act of generosity and kindness, creates hope and opportunities for aspiring artists.

For Applications Requirements and to Apply please Click Here


  • The closing date for applications is the 24 June 2022.
  • Submissions will be assessed by a panel of objective adjudicators and all applicants will be notified of the outcomes by Thursday the 30th of June 2022.

More about the Vulnerable Artist Fund Bursaries contact: