Unforgettable Highlights from the RMB Latitudes Art Fair at Shepstone Gardens

Unforgettable Highlights from the RMB Latitudes Art Fair at Shepstone Gardens

This year's RMB Latitudes Art Fair truly lived up to the excitement, drawing crowds from across the globe to the beautiful Shepstone Gardens. 

Artist Proof Studio was at the heart of the action, with our booth in the glass marquee. This location offered panoramic views of the lush gardens but also became an instant hit among visitors and photographers, thanks to the natural lighting and ambiance. 

Exclusive Opening Nights

The fair began with an exclusive event on Wednesday, tailored specifically for RMB clients. This special evening provided an intimate setting for clients to explore our offerings and engage with artists in a more personal environment. The momentum continued into Thursday with the VIP Opening, where art patrons and notable figures in the art community had the first glimpse of the diverse talents showcased this year. 

Weekend Highlights

By Friday, we strategically refreshed our exhibition space to cater to a mixed audience that included first-time art buyers, seasoned collectors, and guests returning from the VIP opening. The new curation included the outcomes of our collaboration with Occupying the Gallery. The weekend curation at the RMB Latitudes Art Fair featured a salon-style wall, which showcased new editions from the Occupying the Gallery project we collaborated with, our emerging artists, and established artists.  

The new layout was designed to engage and inspire, sparking conversations and new connections among our visitors. The atmosphere was alive with energy, as each guest brought unique insights that contributed to a rich, shared experience. 

Browser Editions

Our Browser Editions were particularly popular among first-time art buyers and collectors, offering an accessible entry point into the art world. This carefully curated selection included works from up-and-coming artists, making it a highlight for those looking to start or expand their art collections with unique and affordable pieces.  

Top Artists from the Fair 

Mary Sibande’s lithography editions, "Sophie Leisurely Playing Tennis," received an overwhelming response and sold out quickly, highlighting her significant impact on the South African art scene. Her work often explores themes of identity, agency, and freedom, using the character "Sophie" to challenge traditional roles and perceptions of black women in South Africa. 


William Kentridge's artwork is celebrated globally for its distinctive blend of drawing, animation, and printmaking. His pieces at the fair captivated audiences with their intricate details and profound themes of history, memory, and resilience. Kentridge's method of continually altering and erasing his drawings, which he then captures in prints, creates a sense of movement and transformation that speaks to the transient nature of memory. 


Lebohang Motaung’s artwork at the fair drew significant attention for its intricate detailing and the way she incorporates her background in hairdressing into her prints. Her themes often explore cultural identity, gender politics, and personal history, making her works deeply resonant with collectors who appreciate art that not only depicts but discusses. 


Bambo Sibiya - At the fair, Bambo Sibiya's prints captured the essence of urban community life and its intricate social dynamics. His work, rich in narrative and marked by a distinctive use of line and texture, explores themes such as camaraderie, masculinity, and the broader human condition within South African townships. His ability to convey deep social connections and the challenges faced by individuals in these communities provides a profound commentary on identity and social structure.


Themba Khumalo's work offered a thoughtful exploration of spirituality and identity through the lens of traditional African religions and cultural practices. His prints reflect on the power of these beliefs in shaping personal and community responses to modern societal challenges. Drawing on elements of traditional beliefs and the symbolic significance of communal spaces, Khumalo's art creates a dialogue between the past and present, inviting viewers to consider the enduring impact of heritage on contemporary life. 


Tshogofatso Nkhumeleng - As an emerging artist making his debut at the fair, Nkhumeleng's work made a compelling impression with its vivid portrayal of the daily hustle. His artwork draws intriguing parallels between human survival strategies and the instinctual tactics of rats and mice, presenting life as a strategic game filled with planning and unpredictability. His prints explore deeper themes such as spirituality, violence, class differences, township architecture, and cultural identity in modern South Africa, offering a fresh perspective on the complexities of urban life and the resilience required to navigate it. 

A Community of Art and Passion

Our artists showcased their unique styles and personal stories at the RMB Latitudes Art Fair, significantly enhancing the overall experience. Each piece highlighted individual talent and deepened the audience's connection with the art. The fair evolved into more than a simple exhibition space; it became a vibrant hub where art lovers and creators gathered to exchange ideas and celebrate their shared passion for art. This lively atmosphere turned the event into a truly memorable experience for the entire art community. 

Thank you to everyone who joined us at the RMB Latitudes Art Fair, both in person and online. Your enthusiastic participation and support truly enriched the experience and helped make the event a resounding success.