Celebrating Mandela Day

Celebrating Mandela Day

"There is nothing more important in life than giving". (Nelson Mandela)

The Lockdown Collection (TLC) has raised an additional R 300,000  through the support of artists and art-lovers.  In celebration of MANDELA DAY today, the TLC in partnership with Artist Proof Studio has opened applications for the next  100  artists in need of support and who are first-time applicants: 350 grants have already been awarded through the first round of funding support.

 APPLY HERE to the Vulnerable Artist Fund

 “Artists reach areas far beyond the reach of politicians"  (Nelson Mandela)

To commemorate Mandela Day today, we invite you to support the TLC initiative through purchasing a work for under R 2,000 from The Student Collection. Each sale goes directly towards the The Vulnerable Artist Fund and the 21 Artists featured in the collection.

Support young artists, they hold the vision for our future 

Take Action, Make a difference, be part of the change.