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APS Annual Student Exhibition 2023: "Bon á tirer (BAT)"

Mark your calendars for December 2nd as we invite you to our much-anticipated Annual Student Exhibition, titled Bon á tirer (BAT)
This showcase celebrates the artistic journey of our talented students over the past year. The exhibition showcases the culmination of a year of artistic exploration and innovation. This dynamic exhibition is not only a celebration of our students' exceptional talents but also a window into the transformative experience of being an APS student.
The students’ approach to printmaking is explorative and experimental.  Students aspire to be contemporary and cutting edge by being at the forefront of the emancipation of traditional printmaking. The young artists are not just interested in technique but are clearly focused just as much on content. Despite the rise in digital media this group of students embrace the handmade mark. The artists have cross pollinated the different printmaking techniques to create unconventional artistic approaches to artmaking. Some of the works can be described as brave, confrontational, intimate, unapologetic and at times unconservative. The works go beyond the surface by excavating and reimaging traditional genres and subject matters in an imaginative approach.
Proceeds from sales will contribute towards student fees and registrations for the upcoming year, directly fostering the growth and development of future students. Your attendance and support play a crucial role in shaping the next generation of creative minds.
Our 3rd year students will exhibit their full body of work in January 2024. Details coming soon! 

Collaboration with Latitudes Online at The Shepstone Gardens

We're excited to announce our collaboration with Latitudes Online, where a selection of prints from our artists and two solo exhibitions by Cinthia Sifa Mulanga  and Tusevo Landu. The two artists featured at the Shepstone Gardens are from the Democratic Republic of Congo and APS graduates. For those interested in a visit, please contact Nina Carew at to schedule your visit and explore the incredible work of these talented artists.

Strauss & Co. November Print Auction

We proudly participated in the Strauss & Co. print auction this November. Our students conducted live printmaking demos, providing guests with insight into the various printmaking techniques. It was a fantastic opportunity to showcase the talent nurtured at Artist Proof Studio and give access to the processes of print technique featured in the auction. Please contact Jackie Murray

Johannesburg Stock Exchange presents Every Society is a Promise, a printmaking focused contemporary art exhibition in partnership with Artist Proof Studio

“Every Society is a Promise” is the fourth collaboration between the JSE and an arts organisation following previous partnerships with the Ifa Lethu Foundation and the Market Photo Workshop. APS focuses on printmaking and its allied outreach programmes to build capacity of people to reach self-actualisation and make a difference in society. Through this partnership the JSE continues its investment into the creative economy and commitment to the development of the arts and culture sector. By fostering innovative and transformative engagement with its community, this arts initiative promotes ideas of shared prosperity, inclusion and access and stimulates discourse about issues affecting the country through contemporary art practice. RSVP by 22 November:

New APS Website Launch

We're excited to unveil our revamped website! Enjoy a fresh look and improved navigation as you explore the diverse offerings at APS. We'd love to hear your thoughts on the new design.
Explore our newly revamped website and stay in the loop and get the latest updates by following us on social media below. 
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